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Travel is about listening to stories-stories of the making up of a country,aregion,culture and its people.The written stories are read to learn the history of a Country. At Kerala Voyages, we help you to listen to the local stories and the life around. Due to its huge geographical size, India has a varied culture, lifestyle and cuisine along with distinctive geographical features. Our role is to help you to explore the real lifescapes of our country by taking you through living stories. While going with our Guide Peter, you will really live with the ordinary people in a backwater island village. Or while going with our Naturalist Benny and his team, you will listen to real stories related to our Wildlife, Nature and tribal lifescapes. You may also like to live a real Indian home while you experience a cookery show followed by a meal with our Simi & Kishore. One of our Directors can take you through some interesting farm stories as he is hailing from a village farmer family. You can also visit one of our Special schools for differently abled citizens to learn how these underprivileged human beings are trained to come to front end life in the society. Many more living stories like spending a day in a Tea plantation or a temple town etc are in treasure for you to experience our beautiful Country.Our showcased programs are only pilot ones or travelled by one of our travelers but if you have a different idea, please feel to write to us so that we can tell you how best we can design another story for you.

Our consistent efforts are to turn your travel dreams to lifelong memories. Our expertise and experience taught us to dream ahead of our travelers to customize each and every private tour. This needed a great passion and wide knowledge on the region, its culture, history and life. Our team traveled through off beaten tracks and unique experiences before we took our travelers there. Thus we have become the favorite partners for our travelers for South India. If you are looking for a custom made tour on South India, we have the right and updated knowledge on the region with a total involvement of the local community and Eco conservation. Our quality standards are stamped by the Accreditation from Ministry of Tourism, Govt Of India and Department of Tourism,Govt Of Kerala.

Travel is always a dream come true. It’s most important how best you plan your travel to make your dream a reality. Here we can help you with our expertise in the region to customize your tour so that you have a tour matching your dream. We always advice our travelers on a practical point of view. It’s always important to take the right decision before you confirm your travel so that you travel in peace. Moreover as a traveler,you deserve the best to carry with you when you go back.

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